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Following is a list of items the Camp is in need of. Some items are neccesary for day-to-day life, some items are required to ensure the security of the camp, & some items are neccesary to continue communicating with the outside world. If NPS & the feds attack & seal-off the Camp, they'll have a serious need to be able to hold out, & to let the world know what's going on.

  Unfortunately, as is so often the case in such political situations, misguided people often seek to help themselves at others' expense. To ensure that this does not happen to Stronghold Table Camp, please make certain that all donations for, or inquiries of, the Camp go directly to the Lakota Landowners Alliance. Furthermore, also be aware that reaching us through email is proving to be very difficult. Please be persistant. Thank you.  

Address all donations & inquiries to:
George Tall - Tokala Fund
c/o Lakota Land Alliance
P.O. Box 460
Manderson, South Dakota
Wopila tanka!
phone number:
(605) 867-2903
(more numbers can be found on homepage)

hiking boots;
socks and shorts;
horse tack e.g. halters & lead ropes, feed, saddles & bridles, and horse shoes & nails;
leather gloves;
first aid kit;
snake bite kit;
Felt & Roofing for 16' dia. hogan roof;
Storm windows;
plastic (roll);
chain saw;
axes, wedges, file;