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Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

On August 9, 2002, the Tokala Ta O'onakinjin asserted ownership over
all human remains and burial objects surfacing in the Badlands National Park
South Unit as per 25 USC 3001, Native American Graves Protection and
Repatriation Act. The above named group are lineal descendants of the human
remains and burial objects as per 25 USC , 3002, Section (3), subsection
(a), and subsection (1).

25 USC 3002, sec. 3. OWNERSHIP

(a) NATIVE AMERICAN HUMAN REMAINS AND OBJECTS.--The ownership or control of
Native American cultural items which are excavated or discovered on Federal
or tribal lands after the date of enactment of this Act shall be (with
priority given in the order listed)--
(1)in the case of Native American human remains and associated funerary
objects, in the lineal descendants of the Native American;....

As lineal descendants the Tokala Ta O'onakinjin mandated an immediate
stoppage of activity on all areas of discovery, as per 25 USC, 3002. Section
(3), subsection (d).

REMAINS AND OBJECTS.--(1)Any person who knows, or has reason to know, that
such person has discovered Native American cultural items on federal or
tribal lands-after the date of enactment of this Act shall notify, in
writing, the Secretary of the Department, or head of any other agency or
instrumentality of the United States, having primary management authority
wiht respect to Federal lands and the appropriate Indian tribe or Native
Hawaiian organization with respect to tribal lands, if known or readily
ascertainable, and, in the case of lands that have been selected by an
Alaska Native Corporation or group organized pursuant to the Alaska Native
Claims Settlement Act of 1971, the appropriate corporation or group.  If the
discovery occurred in connection with an activity, including (but not
limited to) construction, mining, logging, and agriculture, the person shall
cease the activity in the area of the discovery , make a reasonable effort
to protect the items discovered before resuming such activity, and provide
notice under this subsection. Following the notification under this
subsection, and upon certification by the Secretary of the department or the
head of any agency or instrumentality of the United States or the
appropriate Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization that notification
has been received, the activity may resume after 30 days of such

The document was signed and  filed in accordance with protocol by George
Tall, Archie Little, Jerry Bear Sheild, and Darwin T. Apple.
In response the National Park Service, Badlands National Park, stated:

"...The National Park Service has no knowledge of human remains
having been discovered in the South Unit of Badlands National Park

Regardless of having been told time and time again by traditionals, over a
long period of time that encompasses decades, that this is a sacred site
because of gravesites and the history of the south unit of the badlands the
park service continues to initiate activties such as excavations, 4-wheel
tours, and rock-hounding.